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Verein der gotischen Sprache n. e. V.

Dies ist das Forum zum Verein der gotischen Sprache. Es dient zum Austausch und der gemeinsamen Arbeit an der gotischen Sprache.

    Accent of the gothic?


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    Accent of the gothic? Empty Accent of the gothic?

    Beitrag  Admin Do Mai 26, 2011 8:47 am

    for creating a modern gothic language we are unable to avoid talking about the topic "accent".
    What might have been the accent of the gothic? What should we expect? Could it have been a tone language? Which languages are references?
    Anyway, had gothic an initial stress? If so, where does it came from? In the german language scientists speculate that it came from a contact with the finnish language. Since gothic had an immense contact to greek, maybe it was influenced by it concerning the accent and stress.

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